Welcome To LoveYourMe.com


Love Your Me!® is a concept, brand, and product line that was created by Connecticut author, Trudie Hayes.

This simple, yet inspirational phrase represents Hayes’ mission to spread the core essential values of self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love to children of all ages.

To promote her mission, Hayes designs, manufactures, and sells a line of bracelets called The Kope Rope® that are emblazoned with her universal theme, Love Your Me.

In 2010, Hayes went on to publish a children’s book, “Of All the People In The World To Be… I Am Glad That I Am Me!”®, a 24 page, beautifully illustrated book that is suitable for ages three to seven.

We welcome you to browse through our website, and discover all the wonderful ways that you can Love Your Me, each and every day!

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